Wize Up is an Independent school located within the Royal borough of Greenwich, offering specialist alternative educational provision for young people both male and female aged 11-16 on a full-time and part-time basis. Founded in 2008, we work with up to 40 young people who have a variety of social, emotional, educational and behavioural needs which could not be fully catered for in mainstream education. These needs may include young people with Statements of Special Educational Needs, however due to our specialism all who attend are regarded as either "School Action or School Action Plus".

Please be advise the school is open today Thursday 1st March, full attendance is expected, thank you in advance

Upcoming events

  • SEPT 02

    Inset day

  • SEPT 07

    Year 11 to attend

  • SEPT 08

    Year 11 and 10 to attend

  • SEPT 09

    Whole school attend

  • OCT 26

    Half term holiday

  • NOV 02

    1st Day of new term (all to attend)

  • DEC 18

    Last day of term

  • JAN 04

    Inset day

  • JAN 05

    Year 11 to attend

  • JAN 06

    Whole school to attend

  • FEB 15

    Half term holiday

  • FEB 22

    1st day of new term (all to attend)

  • APR 01

    Easter holiday

  • APR 19

    1st day of new term (all to attend)

  • MAY 31

    Half term holiday

  • JUNE 06

    1st day of new term

  • JULY 22

    Last day of term and INSET day

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About us

Our aim was to fill the gap by working with young people who have been excluded or were on the verge of being excluded from mainstream school, and equip them with a toolkit of skills to overcome issues which are typical to young people growing up in these times. We focus on building young people from within and concentrate on modifying behaviour to enable optimum learning potentials. "Students speak positively about the school, commenting that they would not be in education if it were not for Wize Up" – Wize Up Ofsted Inspection Report 2011. We hope you will find our website informative, please ensure you visit us often and follow us on twitter so you are kept up to date with all new developments.